Respond to customer queries in your sleep .

SMEs and startups are in desperate need of a channel that can generate, qualify and retain customers, in a manner that imbibes trust while being quick and easily automatable. WhatsApp & Telegram are the world’s largest messaging platforms. From students, retailers, traders, corporates, businesses; all of us use WhatsApp every day, to talk to friends and family alike. This personalization also comes with speed.

Chatbots can respond to customer queries, generate & qualify leads, encourage customers to book demos, facilitate transactions, and send documents, around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With a WhatsApp or Telegram Chatbot, companies can save time and resources while ensuring that their customers are always engaged and serviced. Each business has specific procedures and predefined customer journeys. These could range from lead generation and qualification to actual sales funnels depending on the industry. In addition to this, automating these frequent, often monotonous tasks, allows sales and support reps to tackle real problems that need human engagement.


How ChainBOTs works

Lead Generation

The first step of any sales funnel is to generate a lead. Leads are defined differently based on the industry and business type. Lead Generation is an essential function of a well-oiled business. Once automated, however, your sales team can focus on what they’re best at – closing .
The next use-case is Lead-Qualification. Usually, qualification occurs in the same conversation as generation or a little bit after the initial interest is curated within the customer.

Lead Qualification

Once a customer has shown interest, the process of lead qualification commences. ChainBOTs (Telegram & Whatsapp) now asks questions that will allow the company to segment the customer. Certain companies specialize in specific types of services. Qualification helps them identify high-value customers they can service with ease. It is imperative to correctly identify user needs from the offset. Once the bot understands the user's requirements, it can now satiates his/her needs. These details are then fed into our customer's internal database and CRM and an agent can be assigned to the user. Once qualified, a user is ranked on the strength of their profile. This allows businesses to prioritize leads and engage with the easy-to- sell leads first.