CRM Software.

Easily manage your sales with drag & drop sales pipeline, Your deals are precious, get the most out of them. ChainCRM program makes it easier to focus on your sales pipeline. You can track the priorities and deadlines of your deals via visual indicators. You can move your sales deals through stages and gain full control over your sales pipeline.

You can check your performance with the sales dashboard. You can also filter deals according to many criteria. Chain CRM is a user-friendly CRM system that helps you make data-driven decisions.



Sales Management

Track all your sales deals in one place. Present convincing offers to your customers by analyzing their previous sales deals. Increase your sales performance by intervening when necessary. Filter sales deals to better analyze your sales pipeline and improve sales management.

With our simple design, ChainCRM helps you manage your sales process. Don’t get lost in spreadsheets or e-mails. Check your upcoming sales deals and prioritize. Chain CRM gives you the necessary tools to wake the sales giant within!

Customer Management

The companies you work and want to work with are among your most vital resources. Categorize companies according to the criteria you desire to manage these resources. Manage relationship and interaction with them efficiently from a single point. Make a difference in customer relationship management by using data for the right move

Easily identify which activities are on the agenda, which deals are on-going and which products are offered for the companies you are doing business with. Develop effective tactics with the most up-to-date information.

Communication Management

Easily access your team’s occupancy and current activities. Identify which teammate is performing which tasks without effort. Maximize productivity by assigning activities and tasks to your teammates. Increase your command on the field and improve sales team management by easily tracking completed activities. 

By assigning activities to your deals, companies or contacts, you can follow them all from a central point. By setting tasks on date and time basis, you can develop plans for your goals and measure the performance of your employees. You can use Chain CRM like a task management software.


Every business differs in the way they track information. You can add new custom fields that you need in your business processes in all modules. With these custom fields, you can increase your productivity by using your records in a more effective and customized way. Configure your system according to your needs with custom fields and language options to make it compatible with your business. Configure the forms and tables in all modules according to your preferences.

You can define custom fields to better reflect your business structure in Chain CRM. You can select the custom fields you need from ready-made templates for all modules and add them as custom fields. You can set up your CRM implementation in a way that suits yourself. So you can enjoy the customizable CRM system.


You can examine your deals and activities in graphic view or numerical chart format. You can easily access total amounts or unit-based details from the report menus, and track your performance changing over time based on different criteria.

You can diversify your reports with setting breakdowns such as employee, company, date and many more. Reporting allows you to gain important insights into your activity management and sales metrics. You can excel in your sales performance management by analyzing your reports. You can also improve your field team efficiency with the help of activity reports.


Data security and privacy in Chain CRM are the issues with the highest priority for us.
Chain CRM is protected by the most advanced procedure and encryption systems of our age. Your company information is encrypted during the entire data exchange process and reaches us anonymously. Individuals or organizations other than the ones in your company can’t access your data. Chain CRM constantly organizes meetings in order to identify and implement new developments regarding security and privacy..

Data communication on Chain CRM takes place with end-to-end encryption. All data communication and storage on the Chain CRM software is encrypted with 256 Bit SSL security certificate and according to TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 protocols. Our SSL certificate is updated every three months, ensuring the highest level of CRM security.