E-Learning Systems.

Chainconsults provides custom eLearning development services. We follow all the latest trends while designing learning platforms, web and mobile apps and online courses utilizing the full potential of game-based learning, blended learning, gamification, and other trends.


Our Custom Solutions

Educational Platforms and Online Courses

Educational platforms such as Coursera and Udemy are known as trusted providers of up to date knowledge and new skills. We will help you become one of their kind by creating a unique educational platform drawing from your own vision.

School Management and Administration Software

School management software eases up the administrative burden processing admissions, enrollment and registration, student demographics, attendance, and more. Belitsoft will create this irreplaceable tool and size it up to the unique needs of your educational institution or company.

Learning Management Systems

There are some ready-made E-learning solutions like Moodle, Open Edx, or JoomLMS. However, there is always a place for newer and better ideas and projects. Our team is ready to build a brand new LMS tailored to your needs or customize an existing one if it lacks some crucial features.

Talent Development Systems

Four pillars of talent management systems that are addressed by TDS are recruitment, performance management, learning and development, and compensation management. Our team can develop TDS’ both for small businesses and international enterprises.



How We Can Help You.

For Startups
(Developing Businesses)

  • We implement your unique approach/model with our technological know-how.
  • We can provide advice on your idea; conduct a full cycle of work in the field of business analysis, marketing, content.
  • We can consult on the monetization model, an assessment of the idea, etc
  • We have an LMS tool kit that is processed to meet the needs of a startup. It saves money and time and decreases time-to-market.
  • We can quickly and efficiently develop your MVP.

For Corporations

  • We will help to implement LMS for your employees in the following cases:
  • You don’t have a corporate training system;
  • You have a modern offline training system and need to digitize it or transfer it to an online platform;
  • You have an outdated offline corporate training system that needs upgrade and systematization;
  • You have an outdated online corporate training system and there is a need for its upgrade and implementation.
  • We will help introduce LMS for your partners to train your product or service.

For Intermediaries

  • We offer a convenient cooperation scheme in which you do not need your own technical and domain expertise.
  • New opportunities for the development of your business - to offer customers an LMS system.
  • Our relatively low rates. We are a resident of the High-Tech Park. Reduced tax rates allow our company to lower prices, unlike non-resident companies.
  • We can address your questions not only in E-learning, but also in other areas.